DOUBLE THE SPRINKLES was born in December of 2011. It all started because of Candice’s genuine love for all things baby. At the time, Candice wasn’t married and didn’t have children, but her incredible excitement for baby clothing and tiny newborns fueled her passion for starting Double the Sprinkles. She quickly began to see the incredible response and love from the customers and in 2016, Candice’s husband Mike joined Double the Sprinkles full-time. Not only does this husband and wife team own and operate this faith-based business, they are also raising four children under the age of 5!

DOUBLE THE SPRINKLES has grown far beyond their dreams because of their incredible and supportive response from their loyal customers.

“We confidently stand behind every item we sell and are proud to dress our own children in our products. Thank you so very much for shopping with us. Not only are you supporting small business, you’re also supporting our growing family and our amazing employees.”

-The Sorensen's